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Ring Dinger: The Origin Story


The Origin of the Ring DingerThe Ring Dinger chiropractic method, also known as the "Spinal Decompression Adjustment," gained prominence through the work of Dr. Gregory Johnson, a chiropractor based in Houston, Texas. This technique, characterized by its distinctive name and approach, has sparked both intrigue and controversy within the chiropractic community and among the [...]

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Chiropractic Auction Sites


Chiropractic Auction Sites There are a few different types of chiropractic auction sites: General liquidation auction sites: These sites auction off a variety of items, including chiropractic equipment. Some popular general liquidation auction sites include Bidfta, Liquidity Services, and Bulktrade. Specialty chiropractic auction sites: These sites only auction off chiropractic equipment. Some popular [...]

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Why Is Ring Dinger Growing in Popularity


Why Is the Ring Dinger Growing in Popularity? The "Ring Dinger" chiropractic adjustment has gained mixed reactions in terms of popularity. While it has garnered some attention through online videos, its growth in popularity is debated due to safety concerns and lack of scientific evidence. Here's a breakdown of both sides: Factors contributing [...]

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The Pros & Cons of Ring Dinger


The Pros of Ring Dinger Chiropractic Approach: Rapid pain relief: Many patients experience immediate and significant pain reduction after a Ring Dinger adjustment. Natural and non-invasive: The Ring Dinger is a drug-free and surgery-free approach to pain relief. Full-body adjustment: The Ring Dinger is designed to target the entire spine, providing a comprehensive [...]

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